Monday, October 11, 2010

Nyuuu nyuuu nyuuu ♥

LEMBU PENYEK, the nickname she attached me to. All because I loveeee doing this face -__- Hunny, I love you so much much :D Seriously from the bottom to the of my heart, I miss you. Gihihi, and I'm sorry for all of my mistakes that might of have hurted you in many varieties of angle. Oh, how I missed talking to you about life and yr piercing and stuffs haha xD Btw, bila nak jumpa ni? Berkedut I tunggu nak berjumpa, tunggu masa nak berjanggut je nii :D

I love you Summer hunny ♥


  1. My love <3
    Congrats, You just touched my heart xxx
    You never did anything wrong since our first conversation till now.
    Well yes, Ive been quited from Myspace like ages and finally you found me back on Facebook.
    Im glad and grateful that you still remember me.

    InsyaAllah, soon okay baby xD

  2. Awwwwww, still I'm sorry if I had ever hurted you in any way. I love you hunny, from then till today. I too am grateful that you are still accepting me as your friend <3