Monday, December 21, 2009


Okay , prom was totally awesome :D:D At first , tak kenal anyone then a few minutes dah close dengan the other peeps :D:D Then it becomes so cool and nice :D:D HAHA but a bit akward (: These two pictures waktu tak kenal anyone yet HAHA :P:P asyik keluar masuk jee (:

then , pukul 11 the after-party started ;D until 2am ! wuhh , legs are totally sored cause heels baby heels HAHA :D:D whoot ! it was totally awesome :D it was like in a club ! HAHA :P *bangangg

Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar ;D

Woww , best gila weeh :D:D At first , thought the show was stupid or damn bored but i was TOTALLY WRONG hahaha it was awesome ! Effects , sounds , and lads hahaha :D:D Story line was abit lame , but the love and the venue perghhhh cool ! HAHAHA :D Anyone which doubt this show is totally dumb cause it's awesome ;D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Moon <3

Well , technically tengok cerita nii first day keluar kat movies but lambat post blog HAHA (:(:
it was really crowded but hell yeah , it was worth it HAHA

Taraa ! HAHA (: Okayy seriously cerita ni best dooh , especially part part Jacob shirtless *ahh!* haha , duhh die hunky gila dooh HAHA :D:D Sadly , tengok cerita ni dengan lelaki 4 ekor so all of them keep on saying : Bila nak habis ? Itu je ? Alah , badan i lagi hot . Eeee , diaorang tak reti malu gaduh pasal perempuan . GRR ! If they were not 17++ i'll be kicking those 4 guys butt HAHA ! Anyhow , the movie was totally awesome . And ofcourse , so was Jacob HAHA (:(: Oh yeahh , plus seriously shit these wolves are hotter than those bloodsucker HAHA *stupid Bella :D:D *saje dengkii HAHA !