Saturday, May 8, 2010

To; Jess ♥

Jessica ♥,
Oh! I love her so much and I really want her to know that I'll never leave her alone or forget about her. She's the best, she's kind-hearted, cool and understandable. And I wouldn't change anything in the world from having a great friend like her. I hope you wouldn't leave me like you did before. Please? ;( Whatever the matters, I wish I could get the chance to talk and see you. Like we did before. She's a person which is totally insecure and also an easy-forgiving person. She's a really childish person which loves to say: "Sepak kang!" :) She's also my clown, cause she's good at making jokes :D. Not-to-forget, she's really beautiful in my eyes and I don't care whatever you bozos says abt her. LASTLY, LOVE YOU, MISS YOU, NEED YOU. Take care Love.

Smurfy hugs and kisses,
Ann <3

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