Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little Green Slimy Alien , :P

Nur Edina Gunasekera , (:
Happy Belated Birthday you little Alien :D
23 November 2009 was yr birthday
But too bad i was busy with a trip to Miami :P
You bla bla too much , you cry too much
you move too much && you eat too much :P
iloveyouu my little alien cousin <3>

sayang sayang sekalian :D

To those bitches who called my precious dear cousin bla bla bla , please get a life . Don't you know that you're making her famouse by putting her name on top of yr dancing stripping pole . Don't cha know ? HAHA ! Please , do get a REALISTIC life and please don't intend to crash other people's life just because yrs is already contaminated . Grr , or why not contaminate yr BESTIES' life ? Well , isn't that a jolly good show . HAHA !
THANK YOU , the end (:
hugs and kisses ; XO Ann