Monday, December 13, 2010

A Lover

A person you cherish, a person you love, a person you've always desired. Mostly, a person who is not perfect and never perfect. She/He is the person your friends look at them and say "From all the people in the world, you had to choose her/him" with that sarcastic face. A lover, a person you appreciate even if she/he is not beautiful/handsome. Even if they have pimple problems, pms-y problems, hard-kicking party problems. Sometimes a girl/boy leaves their lover for someone better. Someone way handsome/beautiful but they forgotten to check if that new person is someone great and someone who could accept you for you. Yada yada yada, done. I'm not trying to brag my brain out but we should really try to accept a person for who she/he is :)

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