Friday, October 29, 2010

Size 0 debate? I think it's stupid

Heh, I just finished watching Britain's Next Top Model on Star World and I was like; what the fudge? One of the most top stylist asked one of the models *i don't remember her name* about her opinion on the titled "Size 0 Debate" Well, let me give you a piece of my mind. Being a skinny walking stick isn't what I call 'beautiful'. I'm not trying to be a f*** ass but, try imagining a stick wearing clothes. Stupid, I know. I know that there was once a trend to consider that slim means beautiful. But some women took that phrase just too far. In their desire to look really slim, women even have gone for the zero figure trends but what abt health huh? Many women try to imitate skinny catwalk models. Today the fact is that looking at such emaciated faces on faces of magazines and televisions could be disheartening for many of us *I think so*. For long these skinny models have been long live-victims of eating disorders. In fact some of them are so malnourished that they even remind us of the starving kids back in Somalia! =.= It's best if you think twice before gulping on those diet pills you buy from Guardian or Watson cause you could end up looking like the seh-tu-pidd woman on the picture here muahaha >:)

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